At last, you can organize all your groups using one tool only

All your groups together

Create as many groups as you like and invite group members:

Soccer, Movies, Yoga, Tennis, Study Groups, Poker, Jogging, Hiking — in whatever groups you are active.

No more email and message avalanches

Schedule dates at lightning speed

Create polls for events and appointments and let group members vote for their preferred dates, times and locations. Everyone marks those options which suit them best.

One App for everything

Chat — send messages and images within a group

Stay up-to-date on activities and upcoming events in your groups using the built-in group messenger. Send messages and images to all other group members. Everyone knows what's going on and your group really feels like a group. If you want, you’ll also receive push notifications or emails so you are always immediately informed about any news happening in your groups.

Everywhere you go

You can use Quiply from your smartphone or tablet and soon also from your desktop browser. Everything you do is immediately reflected on all your devices. No need to sync anything, just be amazed that Quiply is keeping everything up-to-date.

Quiply comes with all these awesome features

Be amazed what Quiply is offering you

  • Schedule group events and appointments

    Find dates for a group of people with lightning speed. All group members can vote according to their preferences and schedules, no need to exchange an avalanche of messages or emails.

  • Calendar integration

    Quiply integrates your calendar, syncs with it, and shows you if you are available or not when scheduling or voting for dates. No need to switch between Quiply and your calendar.

  • Real-time group chat

    Send messages and images in real-time and stay connected with all group members.

  • Notifications via Push or Email

    Get notified about new messages, event polls, votes and anything else that happens in your groups by receiving push notifications on your phone or via emails.

  • Invite other people using email, phone or Facebook

    Inviting people to a group is super-easy, just select contacts stored in your address book and they'll receive an invitation to join the group. Of course you can also type email addresses or phone numbers of invitees.

  • Daily Email Summary

    If you like, we'll send you a daily summary email report keeping you up-to-date about all activities in your groups.

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